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Hi, I am Megu


Hello everyone.

My name is Megumi and dedicate myself to football. I will write each month on women's football, but today as the first time I start writing about the reasons why I came here, to Spain.

I started playing football 10 years and came to Spain in 2011 with 23 years. Interestingly, the day after arrival in Spain, the Japanese team was world champion in Germany.

My main objective was to contribute something to the world of Japanese female football but my way. And that was passing by also learn from (specifically, the Spanish) international football. Other objectives were to live and play outside Japan, I also serve as learning.

The first was to learn the language and then start the study and football titration. There were important moments in life in Spain, one of them was when the Japanese came a football club Barcelona. In this club, there were 8 players from the Japanese team, so my path changed a lot, as I had an opportunity to work as a means of communication in an international tournament that took Japan.

I've also met many people and have had important experiences that had lived in Japan, there would have succeeded. I was thinking about my future, but I had no doubt it would work in the world of football. Besides, I was pretty sure that if I learned more Spanish football, someday could help in both female and male Japanese world.
So I decided to get me the title of coach.

This season is the fourth season and now I'm taking the title of National level. Learning football was very diverse and changed the idea of football more than he would have expected before you start.
I now understand much better football, although much remains to get to know well the sport.

I am dedicated to football both as a player and coach but I also do a translator of campus and other work. Through this article, I want you to know something more of women's football and are interested. Finally, thank you both very much PreSoccerTeam cofounders, is a very good opportunity for me, thank you very much, and thanks to all who have read this article until the end.
See you soon.

Megumi Kozakai