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Women's soccer


Hi! This second article will talk about women's football worldwide.

First of all let's look at the statistical point of view. Right now, in the FIFA rankings: 1. Alemania, 2. EEUU, 3. Francia and 4. Japan. Germany and USA won two times the world and Norway and Japan won once. Besides Germany won 8 times Champions, second are France and Sweden who won twice.

Second, we will see the number of players by comparing the number of inhabitants per country. US players has 1,300,000 (0.42% of inhabitants), Germany has 1,060,000 players (1.3%) and Japan has 30,000 players (0.02%). Japanese players are two numbers unless the US and Germany. But then how has it been possible to win World Cup? There are several reasons for this, for me the most important is the mentality created in an environment of education and sport was not known.

As Sawa, Miyama, there are several players who were playing with a men's team when they were small. Then they should have the spirit of "winning mentality" small liked football more than many children, fought and were not afraid of them etc ... plus it was a fairly unknown sport, so they had to win so people know football female. I think this mentality are the basis of thought Nadeshiko JAPAN.
Still, the mentality of other countries is also very strong. In fact I play in the Spanish league but not at the first level, I'm sorry the difference in mentality between outside and inside the country. In the field, they are fighting for everything, split ball, have no fear of injury, are expressed not well enough when things are going, etc... That just comes by their nature or culture, but foreign players have this mentality forever.

Beginning March 4, begins the tournament Algarve. On the Japanese side, there are 3 players who play in Germany and 2 players playing in France. They are players in a foreign league and every day feel this mentality so I want to look to see how they play with that attitude, in every play and with a great hunger to win. That winning mentality is to be transmitted and transmit to the players in the future to keep winning globally.