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The Coach


The figure of the coach has always been relevant in sports training to be the guide, guidance, supervision in training, the counselor and the person who has to provide the necessary tools for education and triumph.

It is a theme developed by many authors, without ever losing its validity and timeliness.
Come to the point!

I had the opportunity to work for many years as a coach and solid form an opinion about the complexity of the work of the coach, its role and importance of assume with high authority.
Similarly, on each occasion that has weakened the authority of a coach in a team, we note that the results of this sporty set down significantly, so it is necessary to combine the interaction with players, coaches, managers, parents, journalists and fans with a fine delicacy.

Functions coach:

Relevant aspects for the image of Coach:

I remember many times I went home after workouts and parties chasing the image of how to create exercises that help improve the players and the team, then wrote adapted to each deficiency or strengthening virtues.

Main qualities of a good coach:
• Motivator.
• Master.
• Updated.
• Knowledgeable of individual differences.
• Listening.
• Discipline.
• Lead by example.
• Producer goals.

Characteristics of a good technician:
• Scientific knowledge
• Reasonable.
• Dedicación.
• Sensitivity.
• Leadership.
• Organized discipline.
• Patente.
• Pedagogy, communicative.
• Motivator, confidente.
• Personality.
• Responsible cares.
• Has Practical Experience
• Aptitude, Creative, Humble.

Conflict with coaches:
Most conflicts arising between coaches and players relate to the faults and shortcomings of communication.
1. Inability to comprehend playeros.
2. Set preferences for one or the other.
3. Overlap of some or more particular characteristics rejection, which arises in situations of great stress or emotional burden.
4. Expressing widely that are based on previously formed stereotype.
5. Inability to provide emotional support, even when it is not advisable to get involved.
6. Make judgments about guided only by his previous experience players, without delving into the possible causes.
7. Devalue the role of body language using it indiscriminately without worrying about the influence they can have their gestures, mimicry, postures, sounds, tones of voice.
8. Tendency to be tough for the new, to be inflexible when it comes to new adquisitions.

A good idea is to support the figure of a coach I did through the psychologist attending the group, but it is essential to have the necessary skills, intelligence to fit and winning spirit.

A good coach should not only have good technical-tactical knowledge but a set of qualities, be an expert to refine everything around him.

For me it's the perfect workout sculptor, competition and players.

Never throw the towel, use it to dry your sweat and keep going!

To Be Continued...

See you soon!

Carmen Miranda