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Ryo Kuronuma (right), member of the first graduating class of Presoccerteam and today part of our staff, succeeds as head coach of Alevín D, Sant Joan d'Espi CF up getting the team to the Second Division Catalan. Ryo good work and congratulations to your playeros.

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PreSoccerTeam enjoy the Mediterranean Internatonal Cup (MIC 2016) in Palamos, Spain. The RCDESPANYOL win Valencia CF in the football final Alevin 7. Congratulations to both teams. Great show.

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PreSoccerTeam begins 2016 with great enthusiasm for football to continue sharing that takes place in Barcelona with a passion for this sport from all over the world.

We remain focused on Japan where in the last quarter of last year axis reached an agreement of collaboration with the Japanese club FC Leassi, in order to qualitatively raise their game and show their differential element with other schools and clubs. To achieve such development, two Japanese students in the first class of PreSoccerTeam in Barcelona, with extensive experience in Spanish football, they will become part of the technical staff of Leassi FC.

Our vision about football continues to focus on indigenous values formed in Barcelona and are the best guarantee that they get adapted and merge the best football in the world with the specific characteristics and peculiarities of their countries.

You can visit our project in Japan in

See you soon

José Antonio Izquierdo

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Hi! This second article will talk about women's football worldwide.

First of all let's look at the statistical point of view. Right now, in the FIFA rankings: 1. Alemania, 2. EEUU, 3. Francia and 4. Japan. Germany and USA won two times the world and Norway and Japan won once. Besides Germany won 8 times Champions, second are France and Sweden who won twice.

Second, we will see the number of players by comparing the number of inhabitants per country. US players has 1,300,000 (0.42% of inhabitants), Germany has 1,060,000 players (1.3%) and Japan has 30,000 players (0.02%). Japanese players are two numbers unless the US and Germany. But then how has it been possible to win World Cup? There are several reasons for this, for me the most important is the mentality created in an environment of education and sport was not known.

As Sawa, Miyama, there are several players who were playing with a men's team when they were small. Then they should have the spirit of "winning mentality" small liked football more than many children, fought and were not afraid of them etc ... plus it was a fairly unknown sport, so they had to win so people know football female. I think this mentality are the basis of thought Nadeshiko JAPAN.
Still, the mentality of other countries is also very strong. In fact I play in the Spanish league but not at the first level, I'm sorry the difference in mentality between outside and inside the country. In the field, they are fighting for everything, split ball, have no fear of injury, are expressed not well enough when things are going, etc... That just comes by their nature or culture, but foreign players have this mentality forever.

Beginning March 4, begins the tournament Algarve. On the Japanese side, there are 3 players who play in Germany and 2 players playing in France. They are players in a foreign league and every day feel this mentality so I want to look to see how they play with that attitude, in every play and with a great hunger to win. That winning mentality is to be transmitted and transmit to the players in the future to keep winning globally.

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The psychology of performance

What do we understand for football? A team sport that takes place every weekend in a stadium, which promotes a match 11 players against 11 player and, after 90 minutes, the winner team will be the one that introduces more times the ball to the net.

Now, let’s move to the reality of this sport and the daily work that is behind the show. So many factors participate in the match preparation such as the physical; the psychological and even the social factor which every time is gaining more importance.

From the point of view of a coach, we are involved in a new age of football, where our work is to manage and control many aspects of the athlete. In the past, coaches used to base all his work in the field but, nowadays, we also try to participate from their private life and control a big part of it; diets, resting time, recovery time, hobbies… All this attention aimed at getting the maximum performance of the player during the competition.

This style of management approaches coaches to the essence of the footballer so then becomes easy the integration of all of them to the group, just dealing with every player differently and giving specific responsibilities to each member. At the end, we should join all the individuals to make them believe in one and the same idea and objective. All the players have to understand the game model and the group in the same way.

We should understand the management of a team as the one used by a company in which the psychological part is very important and decisive for an optimal performance. The coach must be able to establish a relationship with all their players and to deal with each one with the same frequency but in a different way. This part of the work will require a deep analysis of all the members of the group and it will become one of the hardest challenges of the season, but once you have known deeply the whole team you can get an extremely high performance from your team.

Building a competitive team

In terms of football, nowadays, we are in a stage where the education of young football players is essential to develop a strong project with a promising future. This idea is increasingly adopted among the most competitive clubs, which have plenty of resources to improve the level of the young talents. For that reason, young players are gaining more and more importance in the elite of football.

Where is the difficulty of all this process? Clubs are looking for footballers with very specific characteristics, who can develop the responsibilities of a position within its game model. For this reason, the training is not the only aspect to focus all the attention, it is also important that the player understand the problems that appears during the competition and shows optimal solutions, adjusted to the coaches’ requirements. In this moment of the process is when coaches take an important role. The way we communicate with them will be extremely relevant and also the quality of the information we give to the players. We should provide them information to approach their solutions to an optimal one, but not just our answer. We must ensure he has understand the message and to repeat the idea until he implement it within the competition.

A good way to train this method is to extract different match situations and practice them during the training session. By using this method you can focus his attention to the main problem because you reduce some of the stimulus coming from the environment and encourage him to repeat that behaviours that give him a higher performance.

Our work should always be based on real game situations in order to connect psychologically with the player. Most of the professional players decrease their concentration when they find exercises, drills or games that are different from a match real situation.

Also for coaches it is easier to explain reduced situations, however they are not so rich as a full real situation, the coach will gain popularity among their players if he is 100% sure about his ideas and nobody discuss his ideas. For that reason, to divide the group in training sessions is always a good idea for the coach.

Our objective should be always to achieve a continuously improvement of the player regarding our game model and also his individual growing.

Football game styles

In the last 10 years, in Spain, we have been able to control the game thanks to the ball possession. F.C. Barcelona led by Guardiola or the Spanish national team are clear examples of it. However, does exist a way to control the game without the ball?

There are also examples teams that can control the phases of a game without the ball with a very special player profile. Those who we call “total footballer”. A player able to defend with the same intensity which he uses to attack. He should be able to play in different positions and, if possible he must have an athlete body. We are not saying that in the past the physical aspect didn’t has any importance, the idea we want to introduce is that the player should have a minimum physical requirements to play and his body must always evolve to a positive change; looking for an athlete more powerful and adjusted to the competition needs.

The German national team that has recently won the world cup 2014 is an example of this kind of teams. A national team full of players with three distinctive features: speed, strength and intelligence, additionally they played under a winner mentality.

To conclude, I must say that in football the perfection doesn’t exist and sometimes the imperfection during the game is necessary and effective. To be imperfect during the attack phase but being perfect in the defensive phase is clue to success. Above all, don’t forget that if you don’t enjoy playing football you won’t achieve the first condition nor the second one. Feelings move football.

Albert Xicota Garcia

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The figure of the coach has always been relevant in sports training to be the guide, guidance, supervision in training, the counselor and the person who has to provide the necessary tools for education and triumph.

It is a theme developed by many authors, without ever losing its validity and timeliness.
Come to the point!

I had the opportunity to work for many years as a coach and solid form an opinion about the complexity of the work of the coach, its role and importance of assume with high authority.
Similarly, on each occasion that has weakened the authority of a coach in a team, we note that the results of this sporty set down significantly, so it is necessary to combine the interaction with players, coaches, managers, parents, journalists and fans with a fine delicacy.

Functions coach:

Relevant aspects for the image of Coach:

I remember many times I went home after workouts and parties chasing the image of how to create exercises that help improve the players and the team, then wrote adapted to each deficiency or strengthening virtues.

Main qualities of a good coach:
• Motivator.
• Master.
• Updated.
• Knowledgeable of individual differences.
• Listening.
• Discipline.
• Lead by example.
• Producer goals.

Characteristics of a good technician:
• Scientific knowledge
• Reasonable.
• Dedicación.
• Sensitivity.
• Leadership.
• Organized discipline.
• Patente.
• Pedagogy, communicative.
• Motivator, confidente.
• Personality.
• Responsible cares.
• Has Practical Experience
• Aptitude, Creative, Humble.

Conflict with coaches:
Most conflicts arising between coaches and players relate to the faults and shortcomings of communication.
1. Inability to comprehend playeros.
2. Set preferences for one or the other.
3. Overlap of some or more particular characteristics rejection, which arises in situations of great stress or emotional burden.
4. Expressing widely that are based on previously formed stereotype.
5. Inability to provide emotional support, even when it is not advisable to get involved.
6. Make judgments about guided only by his previous experience players, without delving into the possible causes.
7. Devalue the role of body language using it indiscriminately without worrying about the influence they can have their gestures, mimicry, postures, sounds, tones of voice.
8. Tendency to be tough for the new, to be inflexible when it comes to new adquisitions.

A good idea is to support the figure of a coach I did through the psychologist attending the group, but it is essential to have the necessary skills, intelligence to fit and winning spirit.

A good coach should not only have good technical-tactical knowledge but a set of qualities, be an expert to refine everything around him.

For me it's the perfect workout sculptor, competition and players.

Never throw the towel, use it to dry your sweat and keep going!

To Be Continued...

See you soon!

Carmen Miranda

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PreSoccerTeam has signed a deal with Levante UD 1st Division Spanish League Soccer and Anys Cent Foundation, with the goal that Japanese coaches to join the coaching staff Soccer 8 and experience the training methodology Club.

With this new initiative, PreSoccerTeam continues his project of passing football that is created in Spain to the world.

José Antonio Izquierdo

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Hello everyone.

My name is Megumi and dedicate myself to football. I will write each month on women's football, but today as the first time I start writing about the reasons why I came here, to Spain.

I started playing football 10 years and came to Spain in 2011 with 23 years. Interestingly, the day after arrival in Spain, the Japanese team was world champion in Germany.

My main objective was to contribute something to the world of Japanese female football but my way. And that was passing by also learn from (specifically, the Spanish) international football. Other objectives were to live and play outside Japan, I also serve as learning.

The first was to learn the language and then start the study and football titration. There were important moments in life in Spain, one of them was when the Japanese came a football club Barcelona. In this club, there were 8 players from the Japanese team, so my path changed a lot, as I had an opportunity to work as a means of communication in an international tournament that took Japan.

I've also met many people and have had important experiences that had lived in Japan, there would have succeeded. I was thinking about my future, but I had no doubt it would work in the world of football. Besides, I was pretty sure that if I learned more Spanish football, someday could help in both female and male Japanese world.
So I decided to get me the title of coach.

This season is the fourth season and now I'm taking the title of National level. Learning football was very diverse and changed the idea of football more than he would have expected before you start.
I now understand much better football, although much remains to get to know well the sport.

I am dedicated to football both as a player and coach but I also do a translator of campus and other work. Through this article, I want you to know something more of women's football and are interested. Finally, thank you both very much PreSoccerTeam cofounders, is a very good opportunity for me, thank you very much, and thanks to all who have read this article until the end.
See you soon.

Megumi Kozakai

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Hello. I am Kentaro Tsuboi, cofounder of PreSoccerTeam SL. With initiation of the new website here PreSoccerTeam thank our collaborators to transmit voice coaches.

This time, the theme will write is "Globalization and attitude football coach. " Today, especially after the expansion of the Internet, more and more we hear the word "Globalization" both in general and in football. No wonder that foreign players have also foreign coaches in a team and equipment are 'multinationality' even in grassroots football. Also if we interpret the team that is all human beings who have own unique structures may think a football team is a global group although a national team.

In my case, my current team there Cornellà EU foreign players from China and the Czech Republic and former players from Belgium, Australia, Bermuda etc. And I'm from Japan: a foreign coach.

The task of trainers is to lead a group to maximize performance and in any case our task is still running a multinational group in order to maximize performance in competition. To achieve this it is very important to communicate and convey concepts and feelings to players who are not Spanish. Although within a national team there are differences in mentality and personality if the team is multinational this aspect is most noticeable in the way of thinking, habits, etc. We as coaches we must consider that there is some difference in this respect and we must know how to communicate to create good relationships with each player.

Our job as a coach is to get maximum power of each player to reach the target. Therefore we must know stimulate and motivate with different ways. There is no ideal way to all. First try to understand the individual and then choose the best way to relate to him. Sometimes you need to use their mother tongue to make you feel more comfortable (great coaches who have succeeded as Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho speaks several languages). Sometimes you have to act as a teacher and at other times as a parent. In one aspect calls us to be an actor.

With this kind of reflective attitude cáracter create our coaching. But I do not mean to be flexible attitude is yielding. It is totally different. From my experience as a foreign coach understand the character of the Spaniards who usually discuss and its development is an ideal solution (or might not find anything). So one way of communication with them I use is that after hearing your opinion throw a message with clarity and not save what comes out of my head to try to argue. But sometimes if I understand what they think and command directly before receiving your voice. The Spanish know how to act well in both the positive, creativity and improvisation as controversial by an excess of mischief. Curiously, this way of communicating the know when I was in Japan. I've learned after coming to Spain and I am being Serving lot.

So if we put ourselves in globalization find the possibility of enriquezar many ways both as a coach and person. The truth is that it is a very competitive situation because if it does not adapt and remain undeveloped are delayed at rest. Whenever the border and football world sees is like. To survive you need to have the right attitude to globalization as a football coach to develop our unique, original and international. That is an essential aspect to future football coaches.


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Football is our way. Kentaro few years ago and I founded PreSoccerTeam to convey enthusiasm for football that develops in Spain the rest of the world, particularly through the figure of the coach.

At present, our technical team has risen two valuable additions, responsible for Japan Ryo Kuronuma and as head of America (especially Cuba) and sports coaching, Carmen Miranda.

In this spirit of expansion maintain the belief in the validity of our slogan 'Build your football'. Football coaches whatever their country of origin by tactical technical experience and practices in Spanish clubs first level of training, have the challenge of transforming football and what is more important: give his own style football.

We have new partners and companies with their passion for football allow PreSoccerTeam increasingly be a reference and a support in the process of building self football.

For 2015 we have several challenges located in different parts of the planet. Confident in the success of these initiatives and students, teams and players from Japan and more countries become part of PreSoccerTeam project.

See you soon,

José Antonio Izquierdo

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